Diagonal Crochet Stitch

Diagonal Stitch Pattern CrochetDiagonal Crochet Stitch – I love the texture this pattern creates. I fell in love with this pattern immediately.

When I started looking around for HOW to crochet this, I found a lot of written instructional patterns on the internet – however, the twists and turns you need to do in the pattern did not make sense in written format until I saw the stitch demonstrated in a You Tube video (Thank goodness for You Tube!)

The dishcloths pictured were crocheted with a size “G” hook using Sugar’n Cream Stripes yarn.

Once you understand the basics, no paper instructions are needed! This pattern works up so easily and effortlessly, not to mention QUICK!

Looks great in solids too! Try and let me know if you like this pattern.

Here’s a You Tube video demonstrating the technique.


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