Be a Princess

Bow CollageI am still in Bow Mode!  My daughter Nikki had the idea to embellish the headbands with a little bit of Disney Inspiration.  This resulted in Belle, Ariel, Tinker Bell and Snow White type headbands.  The lower right one was going to be Alice, but I didn’t like the color, so just a Plain Jane, not a Princess or anything, BUT, I still like the color combo.

The knit pattern is SUPER EASY.  This was my first adventure with short rows and part of the shaping was wrapping a few of these stitches twice.  So, it was a little tricky trying to figure how NOT to get the holes.

Thank Goodness for the internet!  I spent time on Craftsy with a free course on Short Rows.  I also found another blog, Nothin’ But Knit, referencing the double wrapped stitch for hole free short rows.  Without these, I would have been still knitting with holes!

By the way, these headbands are now available in my Etsy Shop, Beauport Stitches.  So, what has your experience with Short Rows been like and
what have you knitted with Short Rows?


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