Crochet Granny Pillow Cover – FINISHED!

It started with a square – which became FOUR!


Then the four became one.


So now what do I do?  Make a pillow!

IMG_2374I started with the back, thinking it would be a 12 inch pillow.  Boy was I wrong!

I overchained, (i did a chain 60 1 chturn, SC across for 59 ) not taking into consideration the stretchability factor.

My 12 inch pillow turned into a 16 x 16 inch pillow.

IMG_2373I am fairly happy with the results.  I know where I made my mistakes and need to focus more on correct sizing.  I also liked playing with the colors.  I usually stick to single colors or working all in neutrals.

Have you ever covered a pillow in knit or crochet?  How did it turn out?  What things did you learn from it?


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