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Stash Buster Ten Stitch Blanket

The snow is slowly melting in New England and today is the first day of spring.  I can’t wait to get back outdoors and enjoy my city with clear sidewalks.

Hats for CharitySo, I’ve also been going a little stitching stir crazy, I can’t seem to stay focused on completing just one thing.  My WIP’s are starting to pile up and as a “palate cleanser”, I decided to organize and clear out my yarn stash.  I had a lot of Lion Brand Vanna’s Choice yarn left over from crocheting some hats for charity and decided to circle back to the Ten Stitch Knit Blanket, by Frankie Brown.


Ten Stitch Blanket


The pattern had been sitting in my Ravelry library  {it is a free download} for ages and since I am a visual learner, I found a great tutorial on Youtube by Very Pink Knits to watch as I read along with the stitch pattern.  I like how she has links in the “show more” section if you want to refer back to a certain point in the video.

She also demonstrates two methods of picking up and joining, I chose to do the chain join with this one.

Neutral BlueI am very happy with how quickly it is working  up.  I am using a size 9 circular needle because I do not have DP’s on hand right now in that size.  I’m sure the process would go quicker and smoother with the DP’s, but the circulars will get me started.

I plan to progress through the neutral blues and grays into the pinks and reds and greens.  Ending with the brighter colors around the edge.  I hope I have enough stash to do a decent blanket size, if not, I’ll have to shop again and start a new stash.  That’s not so bad is it?


What are you working on?  Doing any stash busting in preparation for spring and summer?




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