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Bulky Knit Ten Stitch Blanket

I am hopelessly in love with the Ten Stitch blanket.  It is so easy and mindless. Once you do the first couple of rounds, the Ten Stitch Bulky Knitpattern is no longer needed for following along with.  I had a few skeins of the  Brown Sheep Company Lamb’s Pride Bulky hanging around ~ originally purchased for yummy warm mittens, but….. I never stitched the thumbs.  Suffice to say, quite a few mittens were frogged to become the start of this blanket.

My plan is to felt this piece when done so it will be a super warm blanket for the cold New England winter nights.  Of course, I ended up purchasing more skeins when I ran out of the frogged mitten yarn.  My LYS {Coveted Yarn} has a great price on the seconds and this helps to keep the overall cost down.

Hopefully I am in the home stretch, with four more skeins left to use, and I will My skeins of Lamb's Pride Bulkycomplete this within the coming week.

Humid weather is forecasted to set in soon and I’m still taking advantage of our marvelous ocean breezes to keep me cool while I work with the wool/mohair blend bulky yarn.

What are you trying to finish before the summer weather sets in?


3 thoughts on “Bulky Knit Ten Stitch Blanket

  1. I am working on Lion Brand pattern “Classic Cable Scarf” my 2nd one….on my last few rows of ribbing…yay…it is getting to hot here to be working on wool. The photo of the scarf is my twitter avatar. Love your afghan pattern.

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