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Bonnet Stitch – TAST 2016

bonnetstitchI discovered Sharon B’s Pintangle blog and her Take A Stitch Tuesday {TAST} Challenge.  I’ve played around with embroidery off and on over the years.  I never seemed to go beyond the basic running, stem, chain and French knot stitches.  I’m doing the TAST so I can push myself to learn more about embroidery and ways to be creative with the stitches.

I started with Stitch 27, the Bonnet Stitch.  This was the first I was aware of this stitch and it was both fun and annoying.  Fun because I learned something new, annoying because each stitch seems to look different.


I don’t know if I’ll use this one a lot, but its nice to have the knowledge of optional stitches to create a different look.


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