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Sunday Stitching – Buttonhole/Blanket Stitch

sundaystitchBHI started a stitch sampler to practice the multitude of embroidery stitches I enjoy pinning from Pinterest.  I started with some of the “straight line” stitches and that was kind of all over the place and since I am doing the TAST this year, I was inspired to work solely on individual stitches.  Today I worked on Buttonhole or some may refer to it as Blanket stitch.

SundayStitcBH3I first worked on a straight line buttonhole stitch and was going to stand the stitches side by side, but then I thought, “Why not a curve, why not a rainbow?” ~ So I did.

The buttonhole stitch handles curves very well and it creates almost a 3-D type of effect when each stitch row is layered over the previous.

The curves worked so, well, I moved on to flowers.


I like the retro look the flowers take on, and this stitch works so well with varying stitch lengths.  I attempted a leaf, not sure if I like it, but I have plenty of muslin {I’m practicing on muslin before I use my linen} and I may have to plan a day of stitching leaves.

The buttonhole stitch was a lot of fun to play with and I’m sure Ill find many opportunities to put this stitch in my future works.  It’s a keeper.


If you want inspiration on uses of this stitch, take a peek at my Pinterest Board,

Buttonhole Stitch Blanket Stitch

Variations and creative uses of the buttonhole, blanket stitch in embroidery.




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