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No Rules Scrappy Memory Quilt

What happens when practice embroidery squares and years of fabric scraps get together?  An embroidered scrap quilt top emerges and it happens without rules.


A lot of the scraps in my fabric stash are leftovers from my mother’s quilting days back in the 1970’s.  A few are even actual 1930’s and 1940’s fabric – no reproductions for my mother.  She used to frequent flea markets and thrift shops in search of vintage textiles and antiques.

The embroidered squares are my practice pieces.  I needed something to occupy my mind and it had to be something easy to put down and pick up during the 24/7 care of my mother. Sadly, my mother passed away last year after a struggle with Dementia.

So, now it’s time to put these two together and get the memories all in one spot.


I just grabbed the scraps and started sewing them together into strips and attaching to the squares.


The squares are not perfect, the border strips have been repeatedly sewn and cut leaving me with a few thick seams.  I would be surprised if any of the squares were the same size as another.  I sewed strictly with memories and pieced without rules.

Next step will be to get the squares off the wall and sewn together into a quilt top.  Stay tuned!







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