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Splendid Sampler Thursday

I joined the The Splendid Sampler™ Quilt Along to learn about quilting techniques in a group atmosphere.  It is a year long, 100 Block quilting adventure. I have a bit of a stash acquired over the years.  Some left over from my mother’s quilting days, fabric from that dress I was going to make but never did, pieces picked up at my local thrift store and fat quarters from browsing quilt shops for “just in case.”

I watch Quilting Arts on Create TV, I have hundreds of Quilting Pins on Pinterest, now it’s time to stop thinking about it, now is “Just In Case” time and the Splendid Sampler is, for me, the perfect entry into the quilting world.

I am a few blocks behind and I took Pat Sloan’s advice and started with the current block yesterday, Simple Simon {this was released on Sunday} ~ today a new block is released and I’ll start to work on that tonight.



This is the first block I’ve made where I’m following exact instructions.  Unlike my Scrappy Quilt, which I sewed whichever way I wanted to, no rules there for me.

Fingers crossed for improvement in my cutting and sewing the 1/4 inch seam over the coming months.

It’s not too late to join up and have some quilting fun yourself, you can subscribe to get the new article notice by email at

The Splendid Sampler





3 thoughts on “Splendid Sampler Thursday

  1. NIce job with the pictures of this quilt pattern. I like to also sew scrappy quilts, but I am presently working a smaller lap quilt with this very same pattern. Glad I stumbled on your blog because I can relate to how structured and exact the squares and strips are sewn. I will be posting one of my quilt squares soon with this very same pattern. Nice inspiration pictures. Thank you for sharing them.

    1. Thanks for stopping by. I just discovered the secret of using spray starch on the small pieces. I hope to see an improvement in my piecing. I’ll look for your quilt square, let me know when you post it!

      1. Hi, I posted my test quilt square. I hope that it does not bother you that my example is not perfectly fitted. Still debating on the color choices, but the lap quilt should turn out fine when I add the dark borders. Thank you also for the spray starch tip for the future.

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