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Snug As A Bug Splendid Sampler Block 7

The Splendid SamplerWhat a treat to embroider a quilt block in the latest installment for The Splendid Sampler™ Quilt Along.

The Snug As A Bug block is designed by Amy Sinibaldi of Nana Company.

A simple clean look yet with the potential for making some stitching statements!  In order to do justice to Amy’s design, I used DMC 5 Perl Cotton, which I hardly ever use.  I prefer six strand floss, but, I committed to doing something new, so Perl Cotton it was.

The stitching was made easier by ironing on a stabilizer fabric to the back.  This sampler quilt will be a usable quilt and I wanted to make sure I secured the fabric and cotton thread sufficiently.


I noticed, though, that the thread had a tendency to shed a bit as it was being worked.  It may have been that the needle was the wrong size or my inexperience with the thread.  I also used iron on transfer pencils.  The lines seemed to have expanded once heat was applied, but that was not a concern as I was already planning on making some of the stitched lines thicker than other’s per Amy’s recommendation.

I hope the red tinge fades after a while, but you know what? It’s still pretty dang cute!





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