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The Zen of Ironing

zen of ironing

I was never one for ironing; once I discovered that a damp cloth thrown in with a pair of pants or a shirt in the dryer will release wrinkles, I never looked back.

Until I started piecing together quilt tops.  At first I thought it was an annoying step that had to be taken in the sewing process, wrinkle free fabric before cutting and pressing seams after sewing.

The more I ironed, the more relaxed I was getting.  If a 1/4 inch seam or a join gave me a problem and I had to rip it out, I found great pleasure in pressing that little square flat again in preparation for another try at it.

There is something so satisfying about taking a wrinkled or folded piece of fabric, no matter the size, using circular or straight motions with the iron, and watching as a smooth, crisp, warm surface emerges. It’s like instant gratification, it’s like setting a goal and achieving it, it’s like the chemistry class I never took in high school.  {I’m sure the application of heat is a chemical reaction, but then I never studied chemistry!}

Oh but steam ironing is the best.  The gurgling sound the iron makes as the water is heating and the lovely cloud of steam that rises and if you get close enough to your ironing surface, a mini facial!

Not only can you clear a stuffy nose with this steam but the overall act of ironing is very Zen like and I find myself able to clear my mind and relax which helps me to focus on the moment I am in. Most of my sewing errors happen when I am unfocused and stressed.  Now when I need a Zen sewing break, I look for something to iron.

The piece in the picture above is a vintage piece of Everglaze washable chintz.  I wish I took a before picture, it was a nest of wrinkles.  The best part?  I had five more just like it to iron, pure BLISS.



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