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Sunday Stitching – Buttonhole/Blanket Stitch

I started a stitch sampler to practice the multitude of embroidery stitches I enjoy pinning from Pinterest.  I started with some of the "straight line" stitches and that was kind of all over the place and since I am doing the TAST this year, I was inspired to work solely on individual stitches.  Today I… Continue reading Sunday Stitching – Buttonhole/Blanket Stitch

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Bonnet Stitch – TAST 2016

I discovered Sharon B's Pintangle blog and her Take A Stitch Tuesday {TAST} Challenge.  I've played around with embroidery off and on over the years.  I never seemed to go beyond the basic running, stem, chain and French knot stitches.  I'm doing the TAST so I can push myself to learn more about embroidery and… Continue reading Bonnet Stitch – TAST 2016

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Panama Hats for the Summer

Have you noticed all the pretty pictures of the sweet little crochet panama hats for girls?  Not too many of them have patterns that are easy to find, much less free {read - Yeah I'm cheap} I don't have a little tike at home, but I wanted to try making one. I used Schachenmayr Original Catania… Continue reading Panama Hats for the Summer

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Bulky Knit Ten Stitch Blanket

I am hopelessly in love with the Ten Stitch blanket.  It is so easy and mindless. Once you do the first couple of rounds, the pattern is no longer needed for following along with.  I had a few skeins of the  Brown Sheep Company Lamb's Pride Bulky hanging around ~ originally purchased for yummy warm… Continue reading Bulky Knit Ten Stitch Blanket

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Stash Buster Ten Stitch Blanket

The snow is slowly melting in New England and today is the first day of spring.  I can't wait to get back outdoors and enjoy my city with clear sidewalks. So, I've also been going a little stitching stir crazy, I can't seem to stay focused on completing just one thing.  My WIP's are starting… Continue reading Stash Buster Ten Stitch Blanket


Stitching into Spring

I am venturing into a new territory this spring – Embroidery! I am inspired by pictures such as Embroidery Doodling from The Muddy Cat. I can only hope mine comes out just as nice. On my hoop right now is a cross stitch project that is almost done. I am playing around with some MLP FIM or… Continue reading Stitching into Spring


Crochet Granny Pillow Cover – FINISHED!

It started with a square - which became FOUR! Then the four became one. So now what do I do?  Make a pillow! I started with the back, thinking it would be a 12 inch pillow.  Boy was I wrong! I overchained, (i did a chain 60 1 chturn, SC across for 59 ) not… Continue reading Crochet Granny Pillow Cover – FINISHED!


Luck of the Irish Happy St. Patrick’s Day

Happy St. Patrick's Day - This morning was a perfect morning to do some sea glass hunting during low tide.  I found a lot of green today! The rest of the day will be spent listening to Irish music, watching the Bruins, eating corned beef and cabbage and working on some crochet or knit.  Haven't… Continue reading Luck of the Irish Happy St. Patrick’s Day