The Joy Of Handmade Dish Cloths

Whether they are crocheted or knitted, handmade dish cloths are a joy to have in the house, apartment, dorm or work. People I know prefer these to the thin store bought type. On the practical side, they are absorbent and quite useful for sopping up spills. The same thing that's true of sponges is true… Continue reading The Joy Of Handmade Dish Cloths


Diagonal Crochet Stitch

Diagonal Crochet Stitch - I love the texture this pattern creates. I fell in love with this pattern immediately. When I started looking around for HOW to crochet this, I found a lot of written instructional patterns on the internet - however, the twists and turns you need to do in the pattern did not make sense in… Continue reading Diagonal Crochet Stitch